Tree of Dependence

A tree precariously held together by prescription bottles.


Struggling with depression is not easy, and treating it with medication is frowned upon by some people. It is not easy to accept that a daily dose of medicine is the best way to function normally. 



As stated, these are prescription pill bottles that I collected for years covered in paint. A used Van Gogh calendar was cut up to make the flowers after being painted. 

Happy Accidents

I will admit it was a happy accident that the tree could not stand on its own. It added a single detail that wrapped the piece up nicely. The wall helps the tree stand (recovery), and if it was not there, the tree would fall (relapse). 


Van Gogh

It is well-known that Van Gogh struggled with depression, but his recovery is often ignored. He created 150 works of art in the single year he spent in a behavioral health facility. His persistence through recovery is what inspires me. 

Final Message

Recovery can require a patient to be on daily medication for the rest of her life. Recovery can end in relapse at any given moment. However, it is worth going through the process for the beautiful outcome.