Social Anxiety Box (s.a.b)

A small robot that is very anxious about people getting closer to it.

While singing the Tetris theme song, the pink box spins its hair slowly. As it senses something getting closer, the spinning turns frantic. This was an attempt to portray my personal experience with social anxiety.

As a person gets closer, the object gets more "anxious", much like real life. 

The Guts

SAB runs on two separate Arduino controllers (one for the sound, one for the movement). Each is powered by a single 9 volt battery.


Koosh Ball

Attached to a motor is a Koosh Ball that was spray-painted purple. It looks like hair and accentuates the movement speed changes. 

Ultrasonic Distance Sensor

SAB's "eyes" were unintentional but necessary for the functionality of the piece. 

To determine the distance of the viewer, the sensor emits a high frequency ultrasonic pulse that bounces back to the on-board sensor.